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All tested and works well. Watch out for police who will want to nab you for breaking the law and rival crews that want to deface your artwork. Ten characters are available at the outset; each has their own style and abilities. Sonic Forces Bonus Edition.

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Shining Beach Heroines Swimwear Calendar. Great for any Playstation or gaming fan to add to their collection. These scratches are surface scratches only and will not affect the disc at all. If you are purchasing a used book, wear may include creases and wear on pages or the cover. Team Sonic Racing. Nintendo Switch.

Genre Racing. Platform Switch. Players smash through New York City, battling gigantic enemies amidst soaring skyscrapers in a massive open world.

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Players can even demolish buildings with their bare hands. Powerful Rage: Rage is power. Condition is Good. Cart has small sticker and label is worn. Tested and working! Note: Can be played on the Nintendo Wii Only. Platform: Nintendo Wii. Playstation 3. Playstation 4. The Incredible Hulk Xbox Devastating Open Combat: Move freely through the castle battlefield with acrobatic precision as you take down multiple enemies with punches, kicks, shield throws, and powerful combos.

Minor shelf wear on the case. Experience persistent fear as a truly dynamic and reactive Alien uses its senses to hunt you down and respond to your every move. UPC: Platform: Sony PlayStation 2. All disc are in good working condition, I polish any disc that I feels needs it with a professional machine.

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Disc Condition:Very Good. Bank Deposit, Money Orders. American developers were often experimenting with how to use the new 3D capabilities and evolving traditional game genres into new experiences. Battlesport was one such example that attempted to merge a futuristic sports concept similar to hockey or soccer with hovercraft mechanics.

It actually ends with the feel of an area shooter game with a fast 3D engine but some intentional limitations. Just in the last few years, more Saturn collectors have been trying to round out their collections and are discovering how truly hard to find this particular port is. Mega Man 8 served as the 10th Anniversary of the legendary Capcom platforming series and was its first entry in the bit era.

Though it came after the Mega Man X series which took the series in a different direction, Mega Man 8 served as a throwback to the original style of games from the NES collection. Anyone who has played a Mega Man game before will feel right at home with the Mega Man 8, with gorgeous hand-drawn graphics and anime FMV cutscenes, complete with infamously bad voice acting. Classic Mega Man games always tend to command a higher price but the Saturn version of Mega Man 8 has risen to a much higher amount than the Playstation version and is one of the most sought after games on the Sega Saturn.

It has since seen a steady growth in recent year with a 3X to 5X increase since then. Under pressure to release the console promptly to fend off the Playstation, Sega kept tight deadlines and the Virtua Fighter port, while relatively solid, had some graphical imperfections. After learning on how to better utilize the Saturn hardware, Sega quietly released Virtua Fighter Remix as a pack-in title. It was also available as a free mail-in title for those that registered their Saturn console by a certain date.

However, Sega did end up producing a full retail version of Virtua Fighter Remix that was packaged in the more typical North American long box jewel cases as opposed to the CD-sized jewel case packaging for free versions. Sega actually released a handful of individual titles under the Sega Ages moniker in Japan. Working Designs typically handled Japanese RPGs that would typically never make it to the US, but this is probably one of their least known productions as one would assume Sega published it themselves.

However, in it became more well known and jumping to current levels. Since Sega knew there was waning demand at the time, they only produced about copies of the this first Scenario. This overhead action adventure game from LucasArts was released on both the Playstation and Saturn, but focused on the 2D animation the studio was known for instead of joining the 3D crowd in the bit era.

Neither version of the game is especially easy to find, but the Saturn version can command 2 to 3 times the value of the PS1 version — mostly likely because of the collectibility of the system and difficulty of keeping those Saturn games pristine. Even a decade after its release, this interesting game was still pretty under the radar.

The series has received many sequels in arcades and consoles, but the original is the hardest to find in its original console form. The Saturn version has all the arcade areas, plus some new branching levels. You can also play with some additional characters.

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Unfortunately, the graphics have lower resolution and frame rates. You may have thought that FMV games lived and died on the Sega CD, but the Sega Saturn still saw some games that carried on some of the techniques used in this adolescent eras of video game consoles. Instead of using video of actors like many Sega CD games, Lunacy is an interactive movie adventure the utilizes CGI animation for characters and environments. The presentation also gives off some serious Myst vibes as well. Even though it had clearly improved on many of the weakness of the Sega CD era of FMV games and had some redeeming qualities, it was enough to garner widespread appeal.

This title was the first in the series to receive an English localization and the first to feature traditional turn-based role-playing elements as opposed to tactical, strategy-based gameplay. The presentation was pure 2D, but the sprite artwork was beautiful and wonderfully complemented the classic gameplay. However, their attention to detail in localization and their beautiful foiled packaging artwork always made each of their productions feel like a collectable work of art.

Though an offshoot of the main titles, the Mega Man X games have gained a following for its deeper and more serious tone, and X4 includes new FMV cutscenes and the lengthy dialog sequences between characters that the series is known for.

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One of the original cult classics on the Sega Saturn, Guardian Heroes is a beat-em-up from fan-favorite developer Treasure with a unique control scheme, branching paths, and role-playing elements giving you the ability to level up and focus the skills that you choose. A sequel was made for the Game Boy Advance in Advance Guardian Heroes but unfortunately was not well-received by fans and was not even published by Sega themselves.

Guardian Heroes has always been one of the more in-demand and more pricey games for the system. Check for Guardian Heroes on eBay.

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Anyway, as you can imagine, the game did not sell very well and is possibly one of the rarest North American releases. However, this is the first time Winning Post has reached this high on our list. However, as Saturn collectors are trying to expand their collections, complete copies have really started to take off. Using pre-rendered CG sprites rather than 3D models and a top-down free-moving environment, it took a vast detour from the anime grid-based combat-style that the series is known for. Working Designs made quite a few changes to the US version which were met with mixed responses from the audience.

Instead of managing individual units on a grid, you manage the entire army down to the last general. These generals can control up to troops each and each set of troops feature different classes such as basic infantry, cavalry, archers, monks, and more. Watching the battles play out is fascinating. Throughout your campaigns, you capture, fortify, and defend castles and you live through eight finely crafted, but connected storylines.

Each of the scenarios are quite long and rewarding, but it makes for a seemingly endless amount of deployability. If you are a strategy enthusiast, this depth is what makes it worth the steep price tag. Overall, the game holds up very well to this day and is a cornerstone piece of the Saturn small but impressive RPG library.

The game had a Japan-only re-release on the PS2 and also received a sequel that was left in Japan, but otherwise remains a great exclusive. Bare discs have become just a bit more affordable since then, but those pristine copies have doubled in value over the decade. The Saturn was always one of the very best consoles for 2D fighters and Capcom put out a great showing for the sprite powerhouse. Among a lot of excellent stand alone titles, they also published one of their first Street Fighter compilations in the form of the Street Fighter Collection. To top things off, the beautiful cover art displays nicely in the fragile, but treasured Saturn cases.

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If you are a Saturn collector and see a boxed or sealed copy of any of these on eBay for a low price, you might want to snatch them up — you may never see them again. This F. Q has largely been written by our community members who are credited in the appropriate sections below. If you would like to contribute anything to this F. How should I format and submit games reviews for the site? Can I play games from different regions on my Saturn? Can I reset my Saturn using the controller soft-reset?

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Is there a guide to how much I should pay for my games? Why do I keep having to set the clock when I use my Saturn? How do I change my internal clock battery? Why wont my Saturn read any discs properly? Why wont my Saturn recognise any cartridge expansions? How do I get the best possible picture quality from my Saturn?

How can I modify my Saturn to play backups of my game discs? Will controllers from other regions work on my Saturn? Is there any way to get digital audio for an AV amplifier from the Saturn? Arcade in your house. A home for Shoot-em-ups and 2-D games. But no one doubts that it out shined PSX in terms of 2D graphics. Most of 2D titles are great in both graphics and gameplay and such ones like X-Men Children of Atom released on both systems clearly showed that Saturn was more powerful 2D system. Play imports without modding.

You can run imports without a mod-chip, just buy an Action Replay or ST-Key cartridge and you will be able to play almost every import on your Saturn. Internal memory and quick saves. Saturn has an internal memory so you can save your games without using a memory backup cart though the capacity of internal memory is pretty small. Low failure rate. But when it comes to Saturn forget about flawless emulation. Relatively Little Crap, lots of quality titles…. There were only about titles released in Europe and USA and many more in Japan and there very few games you could call a crap.

The good games to bad games ratio is higher than on many other consoles. Great exclusives. Saturn is also a great CD player, with some nice interface and interesting options like, for example, pitch adjusting. You can also use your games as audio CDs and listen to your favorite game tunes. You can email them directly to us by clicking HERE. Screenshots can be in any format as non-lossy as possible so. TIFF or uncompressed. JPG preffered and should be sent in their original capture size, these can be obtained through a digital camera shot of the screen, a direct shot through a video capture card or a screenshot taken through an emulator usually the best way.

Either attach your screens to your email or upload them to an image hosting site PhotoBucket, ImageShack etc. Where can I find instructions for these modifications? What about importing a Saturn from the region I want to play games from?