The Mile High Club: Plane Sex Stories

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Not only is this disrespectful; remember that getting caught having sex in public is also a punishable offence in many countries.

Flight attendant's 'Mile High Club' experience with Ralph Fiennes - 60 Minutes Australia

As you may have guessed, waiting until nighttime has its advantages. For one, many of your fellow passengers are likely to be asleep or at least in a drug-induced state of relative obliviousness. The second advantage is that the lights are dimmed and you can enjoy relative darkness in your seat, which will make a little hand-shuffling barely noticeable to the untrained eye.

The Mother of All Mile-High Club Stories

For most travellers, the bathroom is the only place where you can get a semblance of privacy — just remember that the flight attendants can open the door from the outside at any point. If you can afford it, flying business class is likely to make it much easier for you to get your kicks when up in the air.

For one, the bathrooms tend to be a lot spacier and generally more pleasant. The man, who gave his name as David, claims he had sex during a flight twice and got away with it.

5 Mile-High Club Stories About Sex On A Plane That Will Make You Say "OMG"

The year-old told Vice : "You wait until the air hostess is busy with the drinks trolley, and then you pretend to feel sick in the stomach. After rushing to the bathroom, he explained how "your 'friend'" then comes along with some water to check what has happened before entering the bathroom to do the deed.

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He says that you have perhaps 10 minutes to get it over and done with, so it's best to pick your positions and stick to it. David, who first had sex on a flight in , said the fake illness would also explain why you could come out looking "dishevelled and a bit sweaty". Indeed, several of the stories here deal with sex as a way to conquer a fear of flying. They managed to have full-on intercourse and much more as the rest of the passengers slept—or so they thought!

Voyeurism and exhibitionism are part and parcel of sex on a plane, even if you never officially get caught. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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