Theory of excitable media

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Chiel , Peter J. Control theory in biology and medicine Peter J. Optimal phase control of biological oscillators using augmented phase reduction Bharat Monga , Jeff Moehlis.

A Theory of Rotating Scroll Waves in Excitable Media

Phase distribution control of a population of oscillators Bharat Monga , Jeff Moehlis. Isostable reduction of periodic orbits.

References Publications referenced by this paper. Mauroy , I.

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The Geometry of Biological Time. Minimum energy control for in vitro neurons. Ali Nabi , Tyler W.

Re-entry Circuits - Cardiology Podcast #2

Stigen , Jeff Moehlis , Theoden I. Locally optimal extracellular stimulation for chaotic desynchronization of neural populations Dan Wilson , Jeff Moehlis. Some features of this site may not work without it. Theory of the spiral core in excitable media.

Great meeting at Max Planck Institute: 50 years of excitable media | Hart Long Centrum Leiden

Kessler, David A. Citation: Kessler, David A. The electrophysiological characteristics of it are identical with those of the cortical SD. The metabolic differences are known and can be taken into account.

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This is due to the maximum transparency of retinal tissue in the functional state; thus any physiological event will change it markedly and therefore can be easily seen even by naked eye. The theory can explain wave spread in one action potentials , two RSDs and three dimensions one heart beat.

In this review we present the experimental and the excitable media context for the data interpretation using as example the cholinergic pharmacology in relation to functional syndromes. We also discuss the intrinsic optical signal and how to use it in pre-clinical research. Keywords: Chicken retina, excitable media, preclinical pharmacology, spreading depression. Abstract: In preclinical neuropharmacological research, molecular, cell-based, and systems using animals are well established.

SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics

Fernandes de Lima and W. Journal Name: Current Neuropharmacology.

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